Ethical Brisa Sandstone

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Beige sandstone block
Turned Balustrades
ETHICAL GRANITE BALUSTRADES NATURAL SANDSTONE GRANITE STONE, granite, limestone, sandstone, stone uk, sandstones
Beige sandstone carved
Beige sandstone balustrades
Beige sandstone balustrades
Beige sandstone
Beige Sandstone Slabs
Beige Sandstone Slabs
Beige sandstone big slab ETHICAL GRANITE NATURAL SANDSTONE GRANITE STONE ETHICAL HOME, granite, limestone, sandstones, stone uk
Beige sandstone texture
Beige Sandstone Cobbles
Beige sandstone cobbles
Beige Sandstone Floor Panels
Turned Balustrades
plain buff stronger walling

At Ethical Granite & Natural Stone we proudly present you the famous collection of Ethical Brisa sandstone.

Since we do a really rigorous colour selection previous to cut, with us, you will have the freedom to choose the hue that best suits your project. We offer you the option of choosing from a greyish color with light tonality, to more beige hues with brownish undertones.

Et Ethical Granite & Natural Stone, we put at your disposal all our experience and professionalism to help you carry out all kinds of natural stone projects, whether for facades, tiles, pavements, balusters, heads and cills as well as all kinds of custom projects.

With our sandstone, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a variety of finishes tailored to your preference: from the classic and timeless saw cut, to the smooth and refined honed finish (a polished surface without shine), or explore the captivating textures of bush hammered, sandblasted, aged with a drum, or aged with a brush. Each finish adds its own unique character and charm to your space.

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Ethical Sandstone

Technical Data Sheet


Petrographic examinationUNE-EN 12407:2007Litarenite
Bulk densityUNE-EN 1936:20072430 kg/m3
Open porosityUNE-EN 1936:200712,40%
Frost resistanceUNE-EN 12371:20029,0 Mpa
Breaking load at dowel holeUNE-EN 12371:2007900 N
Flexural strengthUNE -EN 123729,7 Mpa
Unpolished slip resistance in dry conditionUNE -EN 1341:200297 mm
Unpolished slip resistance in wet condition
UNE -EN 1341:200283 mm
Abrasion resistance
UNE -EN 1341:2002
35 mm
Compressive strengthUNE-EN 1926:200782 Mpa