Ethical Spanish Blue Limestone

Laboratory Test in GINGER CEBTP ‐ Bayonne (France)

Technical Data Sheet


The Blue limestone is one of the hardest limestones in the world. This stone is quarried at the top of the Pyrenees Mountains, where harsh weather conditions and temperatures range from +40 degrees in summer to -20 degrees in winter. This stone is a perfect fit for very extreme weathers. Its hardness, low porosity and frost resistance, makes it the perfect choice for locations with extreme meteorological conditions.

Its homogeneous grey colour, sprinkled with some white quartz veins, gives this stone a real natural beauty and a modern and sophisticated look. This durable material it is a perfect fit for both exterior and interior cladding and paving.

This stone is daily imported in all over the world, from Europe to Australia, as it is a perfect and affordable replacement to the famous Irish Blue limestone.

Technical SpecificationsResults
Water absorption132 g/(m^2)*(s^0,5)
Frost-proof144 cycles max
Hardness5,5-6 Mohs
Density2.685 Kg/(m^3)
Compressive Strength149,9 MPa
Flexural Strength23,7 MPa
Friction Coefficient0,66
Wear test20,0 mm