Ethical Capri Limestone


Technical Data Sheet


CharacteristicsTest StandardValue
AbsorptionUNE 221822,39 %
Apparent DensityEN 1936:20062370-2490 Kg/cm3
Open PorosityPE.026,00%
Frost ResistanceUNE 221840,05%
Compression StrengthUNE 2218579,6 MPa
Resistance of Termical ChangesUNE221970,01 %
Flexural Strenght under concentrated loadUNE-EN 12372:200610,5 MPa
Breaking load at dowel holeUNE-EN 13364:20011500 N
Permeability to the water stream (dry/wet)EN 12524:2000200μ / 150μ
Thermal Shock ResistanceEN 14066:20035,5%
Slip ResistanceUNE-EN 14157:200524,5mm
Slip ResistanceUNE-EN 14231:2004SRV Dry: 71
SRV Wet: 64
Fire ResistanceCommision Decision 96/60/ECClass A1