Ethical Santa Barbara Blue Limestone

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Santa barbara cream limestone residential area
Santa barbara cream limestone residential area

Tests carried out at the Natural Stone Laboratory of the "Centro Tecnológico del Mármol" (Murcia, Spain).

Technical Data Sheet


The true protagonist is the Ulldecona or Cenia stone.

This is an extraordinarily hard and aesthetically attractive limestone that, due to its technical characteristics, admits many types of finishes, from polished and glossed to semi-rustic and rustic. Due to its degree of crystallization, it is part of the marble family.

Widely used in construction and decoration, both for exteriors and interiors, the Cenia stone offers endless possibilities that customers around the world already appreciate. From our quarry, considered one of the most productive and of the highest quality in terms of Cenia stone, we obtain an optimal material that we make available to you to satisfy each and every one of your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you. Come to Marbres Homedes and discover everything that the extraordinary quality of our Cenia stone can offer you.

UNE-EN 1341:2002 / UNE-EN 1342:2003 / UNE-EN 1343:2003 / UNE-EN 1936 : 2007 / UNE 1468 / UNE 1467
Flexural strength (minimum expected value):14,2 Mpa
Flexural strength (minimum expected value after 56 freeze/thaw cycles)12,5 Mpa
Wet slip resistance, flamed finish (minimum value)71
Abrasion resistance (maximum value)20 mm
Open porosity1%
Petrographic study (petrographic definition):Dolomitic Limestone
Density (average value):2680 kg/mᶟ
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (average value):0,5%
Bending strength (average value)18,5 MPa
Flexural strength (average value after 56 freeze/thaw cycles):16,6 MPa
Abrasion resistance (average value):20 mm
Compressive strength (average value)145 MPa
Compressive strength (minimum expected value)74 MPa
Anchorage resistance (EN13364)2250 N
Sound propagation velocity: average value of the impulse velocity.6,25 Km/s
Average value of Knoop hardness:1661
Resistance to thermal shock aging:
Decrease in flexural strength after 20 cycles:-5,4%
Mean value of variation of the dynamic modulus of elasticity:-0,2%
Slip test (slipperiness) in wet conditions. Test method CENT/TS 16165:2016. (FLAMED FINISH). Mean value of slipperiness:73±5
Slip resistance (slipperiness).test method UNE 41901 EX:2017 surfaces for pedestrian traffic.
Wet test (FLAMED FINISHING). Average value of slipperiness:73±5
Slipperiness class assigned according to CTE DB:SUA 2019:3
Flexural strength. ASTM C-880
Mean value of flexural strength under dry conditions (Mpa):16 ± 1,3
Mean value of flexural strength in wet conditions (Mpa):11,4 ± 1,4
Absorption and bulk density. ASTM C-97
Absorption (%):0,97%
Apparent density (kg/m³)2658 kg/mᶟ
Compressive strength. ASTM C-170
Average value of compressive strength under dry conditions (Mpa):130 ± 17
Average value of compressive strength under wet conditions (Mpa): 100 ± 17,7
Modulus of rupture. ASTM C-99/C-99M-09
Mean value of modulus of rupture under dry conditions (Mpa):15,9 ± 2,2
Mean value of modulus of rupture under wet conditions (Mpa): 12,1 ± 4
Abrasion resistance. ASTM C1353-09
Average value of the abrasion resistance index:28,1