Ethical Cream Sandstone

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Cream Rustic Sandstone Modern Building Facade
ETHICAL GRANITE CREAM RUSTIC NATURAL SANDSTONE, granite, limestone, sandstone, stone uk, sandstones
Cream Rustic Sandstone Facades
Cream Rustic Sandstone Hotel
Cream Rustic Sandstone House
Cream rustic sandstone facade
Cream rustic sandstone

The “Ethical Cream Rustic Sandstone” is a high quality natural stone quarried in the area of La Sierra in Spain. This stone is characterized by its beautiful golden hue, which gives it a warm and elegant appearance that is highly appreciated in the construction sector.

The extraction and production process of the Golden Cream Stone is carried out with sustainable and respectful methods with the environment, which guarantees that this material is a responsible choice for those who are looking for an ecological and sustainable alternative.

This beautiful stone is very versatile and is used in a wide range of applications, from facade and wall cladding to floors and stairs. Its beauty and durability make it an excellent option for both interior and exterior construction and decoration projects.

“Ethical Cream Sandstone” is a high quality and beautiful material for your next construction and decoration project, combining elegance and durability.

Petrographic Description EN 12407:2007

Technical Data Sheet

2018 Re6

Arkose. Medium grain. Beige tone with brownish and orange veining. Its main component is quartz.

Apparent DensityUNE-EN 1936:20072300 kg/m^3
Abrasion resistanceUNE-EN 14157:200520,5 Mm
Breaking load at a dowel holeUNE-EN 13364:2002700 N
Compressive StrengthUNE-EN 1926:200748,2 Mpa
Flexural StrengthUNE-EN 12372:20074,0 Mpa
Frost resistance. Fluxural strength after 14 cyclesUNE-EN 12371:20113,6 Mpa
Frost resistance. Fluxural strength after 48 cyclesUNE-EN 12371:20113,5 Mpa
Open porosityUNE-EN 1936:200712,8 %
Rupture energyUNE-EN 14158:20044,51 J
Slip resistance (Dry/Wet)UNE-EN 14231:2004Usrv: Dry 88 / Wet 76
Thermal shock resistance. Mass variationUNE-EN 14066:20140,04%
Water absorption at atmospheric pressureUNE-EN 13755:20084,60%
Water absorption by capillarityUNE-EN 1925:199927 g/(m^2)s^0,5